Graphic Design Portfolio

“My experience of this course at Central Saint Martins was very positive. Brit-Education UK agency has helped me a lot in everything such as contact to the university and found the accommodation for me. In term of studied at CSM, there is a lot to take in so it’s quite intense, but for me I didn’t get bored. My highlights for this course probably some of the creative projects - we spending a week in all the different disciplines: advertising, typography, product design, and communication. Most days involved going in and getting a new brief - working in sketchbook, discussing ideas with peers and tutors, and sometimes we have a printing workshop to learn the process of screen printing.That was the most exciting time for me. I met a lot of different people and learn a lot of things. It was fun. I highly recommend who are interested in studying creative design in an intensive environment and want to exchange your experience to the other people who has the same passion as you, CSM is the first place I come up with.”

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