Viacheslav Baksheev (Slava)

Hello! My name is Slava, I am a legal adviser from Russia and worked with an international law firm in Thailand and Myanmar. Global law firms value experience and qualification of their lawyers. Being a legal adviser for multinational companies in Myanmar or elsewhere, it is very important to be familiar with English commercial law. Therefore I became interested in obtaining the Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) from one of the best law schools in England.

I’ve met a counselor Pluem from BRIT- Education UK in January 2017 at the UK education fair. Pluem offered me her assistance with filling out online forms, uploading my documents and communicating with UK universities.

That assistance was very helpful and as a result of Pluem’s efforts, I’ve been accepted by a few Russel Group universities and was even granted a scholarship in a form of tuition fee reduction. A counselor Mont gave a very useful presentation on departing to the UK explaining how to choose accommodation, what to bring to the UK and provided some tips on living in England. Also I had a chance to talk to representatives of many UK universities and clarify entry requirements, career prospective and course details.

The staff in BRIT - Education UK is very professional and fantastically friendly. I truly enjoyed cooperating with Pluem and Mont and it’s a good idea to seek their assistance when applying to British universities.