MSc Finance, Bangor University

I studied Master Degree in Bangor since 2013 to 2014 and it was my memorable university. Bangor University is located on North Wales, which situated between mountains of Snowdonia and the sea. The most population can speak Welsh, and both Welsh and English can be seen and heard in all aspects of life there. Bangor’s teaching and research combined with high-quality facilities offer you world-class research and learning opportunities especially in Accounting and Finance. Bangor University has over 10,000 students from all over the world so that I had so many international students to communicate and contact. At that time, I was only one Thai student who studied in pre-English course in North Wales in July. However, everything was not tough like I thought because student support team was taking care me so well. That was my first impression when I arrived in Bangor.

All of the University accommodation is self-catered and kitchens are shared with fellow halls students. The kitchen in the halls resident is one of the place in Bangor that makes students can communicate and easy way to make friends. It was fun to make meals which international friends. In my accommodation, I had several of nationalities such as Chinese, Japanese, British, German, African and me as a Thai Student. We shared our foods sometimes, and had dinner in kitchen and sometimes we studied together as well. I learnt how to cook some international foods from here. Additionally, the accommodations are not too far from shopping center of High Street (Take average 15 minutes by walking).

The students’ union organizes a large number of student clubs and societies. You can join with other Bangor students, including Under-graduated Students. Throughout the year the International Student Support Team arranges trips to towns and cities of interest and events within the local community for international students. Additionally, There are many festivals in Bangor such as music and dancing festival, international foods festival and so on. It was interesting moments and opportunities in Bangor Life that you will learn different cultures around the world. Furthermore, there are so many academic activities like the inter-schools Stock Market Challenge Working as a Trader. That was another great academic opportunity in Bangor.

In conclude, Bangor University has a long tradition of excellence and exceeds expectations, both academic standards and student experience. The university is located on the coast of north Wales, which has beautiful location of mountains and sea. The accommodations are so nice and it is a great way to make friends and generally share your experience with people. The activities in Bangor are amazing as well.

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